Boshra Rida, M.D.

Meet the Maximizer

Boshra Rida, M.D. talks kids, prevention, and the ripple effect of COVID infection on families. 

Dr. Rida is a family physician with CHI Health Clinic Antelope Creek  

How do you feel COVID-19 has affected the lives of children? 

COVID has greatly affected kids of all different ages, from newborns until age 18. Beyond just the symptoms of infection, look at the school system. Virtual classrooms have a negative psychological and even physical impact. Kids miss their friends. Even their grandparents can’t see them just because of the fear of getting the infection. 

Why do you feel it is important to vaccinate children against COVID-19? 

Well, go back a little bit to pre-pandemic life. Even then, kids in school, they are kind of a Petri dish. They bring lots of microbes and germs. Now add the pandemic. They can’t really follow the rules of sanitizing, distancing, having the mask on. A lot of times, kids have mild symptoms at first, so they can easily bring COVID home and get the adults infected. And later, some kids get the severe cases or worse. More than 8,000 children have been admitted to the hospital for that. The vaccine is the best way just to protect them. 

How does having kids vaccinated against COVID-19 benefit you personally? 

I have lots of nieces and nephews and all are vaccinated, except one. I’m really eager to have her vaccinated once her age group is eligible. 

What would you say if a parent came to you said, “Dr. Rida, I’m not getting my child vaccinated?” 

Well, I wouldn’t feel comfortable giving a patient something I wouldn’t give my family. So, I always give them an example that I have nieces and nephews. And if I feel comfortable giving them the vaccine, I believe you should really give it your child. I want your child to benefit. And as for myself, when patients ask me, I always tell them, “I got the vaccine. I took the vaccine.” So, I wanted to be protected, and I would advise you to get the vaccine. 

What if someone is on the fence about vaccinating their child? What reasons could you give? 

First, to protect the child, and I will give them some statistics about COVID infection especially in kids. And how kids will benefit from that by not getting sick, not missing school, not bringing the infection to the family and older adults within the family.