Chanda Chacón, M.P.H., F.A.C.H.E.

Meet COVID-19 vaccine Maximizer, Chanda Chacón, President & CEO of Children’s Hospital & Medical Center.  

“Our job at Children’s is to make sure that we are available for children who need us here, and the sickest children, and so anything we can do to prevent children from having to come to the hospital to me is a win. And a vaccine helps make sure that kids don’t have to show up for a COVID-19 infection to Children’s and that leaves that availability for the children who really need our care at that time. 

It’s about keeping kids in school and keeping them academically motivated. It’s about keeping them in sports and keeping them, you know, socially developing and being around other kids and being vaccinated gives you a bit more availability to do that. And so, for me, that’s really important as we’re looking at building a strong healthy community here in Nebraska, is doing everything we can to make sure at the very front end, when kids are young, to keep them safe and healthy. 

We’re the grown-ups, we’re making those healthcare decisions for children. It’s our obligation to find the right information that helps make sure we feel safe and secure as adults and parents to make those decisions. And I think the best way to keep your child safe to prevent any complication from getting COVID is by getting vaccinated.”  

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