Emily Braun, M.D.

Meet COVID-19 vaccine Maximizer, Emily Braun, M.D. from OneWorld Community Health Centers, Inc. in Omaha, Nebraska. 

“Just like any vaccine, you can still get COVID when you’re vaccinated. But the main take away is, you are so much less likely to have serious disease, hospitalization, and death. 

Kids particularly are susceptible to this multi system inflammatory condition called MISC. This is something we see with COVID in the weeks after the infection that we don’t see in adults. And these kids get incredibly sick and need ICU level care for the most part.  

We are not really seeing these serious infections and complications in kids and adults who are vaccinated. I think that the main take away, they can still get sick they just aren’t going to see those serious health consequences.  

Similar to the flu vaccine, you can still get the flu once you’re vaccinated but you are so much less likely to get seriously ill and die. I think that is a huge plus for anyone.  

When I partner with my patients, I try to tell them I would never recommend a vaccine, treatment, or a medication course that I wouldn’t also feel comfortable recommending for my own child, or that I feel is safe enough for my own child. So, I’m not going to offer that to you and your child unless I feel confident in the studies behind this. 

Partnering with them as their pediatrician but also a fellow parent who was also nervous about a new vaccine. I was very anxious about it. Through research, the evidence shows that it’s very safe and effective. I walk them through how reassuring those studies are.” 

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